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Major Remodeling:

Bath Remodeling - Honey Do Construction can assist you with bathroom remodeling, we can create a custom shower or tub enclosure of any kind with shampoo niches and a shower bench using the finest material including marble, tile and natural stone. We can also assist you with custom vanities, lighting, custom framed and frame less glass shower enclosures, mirrors, design and material selection.

Kitchen Remodeling - Honey Do Construction realizes that the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, where family and friends gather to socialize and eat. If your kitchen is in need of an update, come to us for your kitchen makeover. We can assist with you the selection of kitchen cabinetry, paint and stain colors and hardware along with countertop selection including granite, other natural stone, tile and formica. Kitchen flooring options include natural stone, tile, wood and several other options. 

Room Additions - Honey Do Construction is very capable of doing any room addition and generally will bid the room addition by the square foot price. A multitude of finishes are available. We will take your vision and make it a reality for you to enjoy for years to come.

Framing - Honey Do Construction can frame up just about any structure for residential applications and commercial interior spaces. We can frame up room additions, patio and patio covers, partition walls, arched doorways and much more.

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Interior Work:

Door Installations - Honey Do Construction can remove existing doors and also make door opening bigger for double doors, pocket doors and French doors. We'll work with several different manufactures in the area to get the door you really want and install it for you.

Stair Case - Honey Do Construction can design and build out entire stair cases from start to completion including using many different materials such as wood and rod iron. We'll do all the installation carpentry and finishing of the final product.

Trim and Crown - Honey Do Construction has the experience and skill to do intricate trim work, crown and paneling installations. We have the tools to get the job done "right the first time" and can go extravagant or as simple as the customer requests. We'll work with many of the larger distributors in the area that have access to the mill work you're looking to achieve. 

Sheet Rock - Honey Do Construction can install sheet rock on any project including walls and ceiling, garages, or any place desired by the customer. We also can remove damaged sheet rock for replacement.

Texturing - Honey Do Construction has the experience and tools to finish many different surfaces with the desired textures by the customer. On projects where repairs or remodeling occurred. We specialize in not showing the flaws in texture finishes where the remodel process or repair has taken place. 

Wood Flooring - Honey Do Construction can install and finish wood flooring of any kind. We can hand scape or distress flooring, stain finish coat and seal wood flooring with many different available materials in the market place today.

Interior Painting - Honey Do Construction offerers all forms of interior finishes including enamels, lacquers and stains on wood work and cabinetry, latex finish coast for sheet rock including walls and ceilings with the appropriate sheens being applied for specific areas, faux finishing and glazing on wood work, cabinetry, and sheet rock. 

Staining and Finishing - Honey Do Construction stains all surfaces including sun proofing decks, fences, arbors and pergolas, using high quality UV protection materials. On interior materials we finish any raw or pre-finished wood, we strip existing finishes, we sand and putty, we use a pre stain treatment for a more even stain color and application, we apply oil base stains only for maximum quality, we use sand sealer for maximum durability, and finish or top coats are generally oil base or lacquer base with multitude of sheens from gloss, semi gloss to satin.

Fireplaces - Honey Do Construction can replace your fire box and fireplace facade with natural stone of any type of customers choosing. We can rework bass fireplace application, design and build mantels.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency - Honey Do Construction can bring your energy efficiency up in your home in many different ways including attic / wall insulation installation, radiant barriers of all kinds, sealing, ventilation and air circulation. 





Exterior Work:

Roofing - Unfortunately Honey Do Construction does not bid on roofing projects but would be willing to lead you to a top professional in the area. 

Windows - Honey Do Construction can replace and install any manufactures windows. We can replace all forms of windows with new energy efficient windows with a multitude of materials. We have the skills and all the tools to complete your window installation quickly, cleanly and cost effectively. 

Siding Installation - Honey Do Construction uses a wide variety of exterior siding materials for the installation process to wrap homes and structures.We have all the right skills and fastening tools for your project and other siding material installation. 

Exterior Painting - Honey Do Construction has extensive experience with finishing out the exterior portions of residential and commercial structures. Prior to finish coating the exterior of a structure multiple steps have to be completed including replacing damaged or rotted materials, pressure washing all paintable surface, caulking all seams and joints on the structure, we also prime all the paintable surface with bonding and sealing acrylic primer. Finish coat is generally low sheen acrylic latex with UV protection properties to shield the structure from the intense sun.




Patios & Decks

Patios & Decks - Honey Do Construction can layout and design patios and decks for any outdoor space that the customer would desire for your personal or entertaining purposes.

Wood Fence - Honey Do Construction can remove existing wood fencing that is rotted and damaged and install for you cedar fencing that can truly add beauty to your home and outdoor space. We also install panel fencing that is manufacture, to protect your investment we also stain our fencing with stain that comes in many different colors with UV protection qualities.


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